STOP using Social Media, If you’re doing these Blunders!!

Social Media

In the growing techno-world, Social Media is the reflection of an Individual’s Personality, so if you are still not serious about your social media then it’s time to take it seriously.

Social Media is not only fun! It’s for Business, for jobs, and for many opportunities that can change your Life.

So for that, we have to create our Social Presence so Fantastic Because it’s a great tool to show our Talent & Skills to not only Our Friends or Loved ones but to the people who want to work with us. 

So create your expressive portfolio to stand out from the Crowd. Showcase your best skills that will work for your Future!

At the end of this book, You will be able to understand how Social Media is going to serve you the Best!

So if you are a Children/Student/Entrepreneur/Job-seeker/Employee or any Businessperson then stay till the end. I promise that you’re gonna love it.

Social Media Can Create a Huge Difference in Our Normal Lives!

But before going further Let’s play with some numbers!

Youth Facts

Fact:1 Surveys show that 90% of teens ages 13-17 have used social media.

Fact:2 On average, teens are online almost 9 hours a day, not including time for homework.

Business Facts

Fact: 1 Do you know 97% of Marketers are using Social Media as their Marketing Tool?

Fact: 2 50% of Small Businesses are not using Social Media for their Business.

I think now you understand How Powerful Social Media is.

Before going further I have a Question!

Are We Utilizing Our Social Media?

 – The answer is NO.

Because we are using it only for Fun or we can say Time-pass, and that’s not the actual use of Social Media.

If you’re Student then you should build your Personal Brand over the Internet or if you’re a Business Person then you should use it as a Sales Tool  for your Business

Let’s Make it Simple, I Divided this Concept into Two Parts:

  1. For Students
  2. For Business Persons

If you’re a Student then How Social Media works for you?

College Students - Social Media
  • We can Build Our Personal Brand: Personal Brand is one of the most important things when it comes to creating value in society. People start recognizing your work and start following you as well, so whether it’s Online or Offline World you need to create your Personal Brand to go ahead. 

You can use Social Media to create your Personal Brand, it will give you Reach, People, Authority and so more.

  • We can use it to Show Our Talent & Skills: We all have some skills and Talent but we are shy to share this with people, it’s just because we think people will make fun of us. But the reality is our own limiting beliefs. If we have to overcome this then we must go in front of people. Social Media opens doors to do this, even we can choose our surroundings who support us.
  • We can use it as Our CV: If our profile is fully utilized and we post relevant content related to our work then we can use it as our Curriculum Vitae that reflects our personality.
  • We can Connect with Big People: In Social Media, you can find out about each and every Big Person (who achieved so much in their lives) in just a few seconds, and not just find you can also connect with them.

So it’s a golden opportunity in our hands to build healthy relations with them.

  • We can Build Opportunity for Our Future: Social Media creates Miracles in just the blink of an eye. You just need one Post/ one Video to get famous in the world. #BaspanKaPyaar 

If you’re a Business Person then How Social Media works for you?

Business Owner - Social Media
  • You can create your Brand Awareness: If you wanna build awareness for your brand then social media is one of the best sources of building your brand. In fact, almost every big business uses social media for the same, so why don’t you?
  • You can Sell Your Product & Services across the world: Social Media gives you an option to sell your products & services around the globe. Because it connects us with the world, so we can do business with the world.
  • You can Build your Brand Loyalty: Loyalty is equal to the business if we are loyal to our customers then they definitely do business with us. You can build your brand loyalty by just sharing your business details on social media.
  • You can take Feedback upon your services: If you wanna succeed in your business then you need to take regular feedback from your customers Because customers tell what they want from you! On social media, you can do so by creating engaging content.
  • You can Directly Connect with your Customers: Connection with your customers brings business for your business. Through social media, you can do so in such a beautiful way! Your customer can directly connect with you.

So, in this way, we can utilize our social media to get results for us.


It’s totally on us How we use our Social Media, But we have to keep in mind that every single activity of ours is recorded on the internet, so why not use it in a positive way by getting results for ourselves?

Ya, I don’t say that leave fun and other activities on it, but create a mix match so that it will balance our fun life and our professional life, and we all want to be successful so why not we get help from Social Media (The Communication Channel).

If you can’t do this hard work, then you want to grow your business through social media you can connect with us!!


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