Amazing Opportunity for Teachers #TeachersDaySpecial

Teachers Day

First of all, I want to give my warm wishes to every Teacher who shares his/her knowledge to produce better than themselves!!

Only the teacher is the only person in the whole universe who wants to get their student to succeed more than themselves.

Happy Teacher’s Day to All!!

So on this beautiful occasion, this teacher’s day I want to contribute my skills and knowledge to all my teachers to start their journey easily in the Digital Field.


We all know that the future is shifting towards Digital, So it’s important for us to make our decision based on the situation,

In the education sector as well students’ attention goes towards the internet and they love to learn new skills on the internet.

So as a Teacher we also need to go towards Digitalization, if we are lagging behind the technology and we’re losing something from the Big Blue Ocean.

So for this, I want to contribute my skills to the favor of teachers with a mutual growth motive.

So let’s discuss the plan!

What is the Opportunity?

In this, we as a team launch a digital platform where the motive is to serve students all over the world.

Same as you teach students offline, then you teach your students OFFLINE + ONLINE.

We Launch your Subject Matter Expertise Course in the form of a Digital Course.

You don’t need to worry about the technical things that are involved to make this happen successfully!!

I will be there for you!!

You just need to prepare content according to your syllabus then from recording it to launching it online everything will be done by us!!

How can this Platform help you?

Pre-Launch Support

In this, we’ll help you to structure, and record your video course and get all the editing done for you!!

Launch Support

In this, we’ll help you to get your course Live on the internet with your personal profile.

After Launch Support

In this, we’ll help you to get students enrolled in the course by doing marketing for your course.

For whom this will be Beneficial?

  • Mentor, Consultant, or Career Professional.
  • Anyone who accepts they have a helpful, important message as well as skill to give to other people.
  • Anyone who never created an online course, but really wants to!
  • Anyone who’s created an online course that hasn’t succeeded as expected.
  • Anyone looking to position themselves as an authority in their chosen field.

How Can I Help you with this?

  • Your Complete Course Setup.
  • Perfect Videos that will be required for an online/offline course.
  • Tools (Worth Rs. 20,000) for FREE!
  • Your Personal Profile Setup in the Digital World.
  • Marketing Help to get students involved in your course.
  • My SELL Before Create Model.
  • My Personal Efforts to make your course successful!!


Would you record my course and launch it digitally?

Yes! I will record your course and do all the editing and launch your course.

Where did you launch my course?

There will be a proper Website where all the courses will be launched.

Are there any charges for that?

Yes, there will be minimal charges (Rs.2000 approx) involved initially for smooth functionality.

How long my course will be there on the Platform?

There is no limit, it will be a Lifetime course access that you and your students will get.

How much Money, do I get from my course?

Pricing will be yours, the amount you choose to sell your course will be given to you after nominal fee charges of around 20% approx.

How will I get my course Payment?

You’ll get instant money in your given bank account on the same day, sometimes it will take 24-48 Hours to get money reflected in your account.

Conclusion: How to get Started?

If you’re interested and want to work with us and want to earn money from your skills then we’re happy to serve you with this beautiful opportunity.

Below you’ll get a form, Kindly fill it out to give your confirmation and I will connect you for more information!!

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