Your Website MUST Need These 7 Pages!!

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Website is the most important factor to determine the business’s growth and vision, BUT many businesses failed to complete even the necessary things on their website, this all happened because of lack of knowledge or sometimes due to unprofessional designers.

So you as a business owner don’t want to bring the designer’s stupidity into your business.

This article helps you to get the most important but effective pages for your business!!

Must require 7 Pages on your website:

So If your website doesn’t contain any of these pages then it’s time to connect with your designer!!


In the about section/page on your website should be the company’s profile where you have to tell the history and the future of the company means where you show your potential customers How you started and How you go forward to serve them.

It builds trust among your customers and they can relate with you!!


On this page, your customers find a way to connect to you in terms of address contact number, contact form, etc.

Your customers should have the option to connect with you before doing a transaction with you even though they have full right to search before they make their decision.


It is the page where you show all your products and services on one page or category-wise list to showcase your offerings.

Your customers have multiple options to buy from you!!

According to the budget of your audience, you have different kinds of offerings so that they can choose and make their purchase on your website.


The blog is the page where you have to post regular content in the form of a long articles (in-depth) on your site which aims to provide helpful content through your site plus kit also increases the site’s authority or search visibility by showing your articles on search engines.

Or if you optimize your blogs according to search engines then it will the first factor to rank on top in the search results.

So that’s why it’s so important for you to write pieces of content that also help your website to be updated frequently.


Testimonials are the best way to close the sales objection of your potential customers because in the testimonial section your potential customers get what they want, so they start visualizing the results through other people’s results.

So if your website doesn’t have a testimonial page or a section you should have one!


Legal pages are the backbone of every site, they show all the policies, terms, and disclaimers which your company is going to follow or How you gonna use your user’s data through their portal.

Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer, Affiliate Disclosure (if any), these all are the type of Legal Pages which is mandatory for every website.


Basically, a sitemap is a technical page that is most useful as the ranking factor on the search engines,

because it tells search engines in their language that you have these pages, posts, etc

it’s not so much important from your user perspective, but it has a huge impact on the site’s SEO(Search Engine Optimization).


So If your website doesn’t contain any of these pages then it’s time to connect with your designer!!

Because these pages are the strong foundation of any website, you don’t even know how much these pages will bring more business and help your business profile look professional and legal in terms of foundation.

If you want us to design a High-converting Website then you can connect with us, and we help you to set it up for your business.

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