Website Vs Landing Page | Which One should use for Marketing?

Landing Page

As a Marketer it’s my duty to make you understand that what is the basic difference between a Website or in Landing Page?

In this blog, you’ll know exactly what is the best for your business, whether you should go with website or you have to choose Landing Page.

Firstly, Let’s discuss the meaning of both terms!

What is a website?

A Website is a collection of pages where you use different pages of your business with the aim of providing knowledge about your business and building a reputation for your brand.

What is a Landing Page?

Landing Page is consist of a single page which aims to give straight and clear direction to the user to perform a particular action such as submit a lead form or make a purchase.

Top 3 Major Differences Between a Website and a Landing Page?


Website: The Basic Goal of a Website is to inform our customers about all our offerings and about our company.

Landing Page: The Basic goal of a landing page is to make conversions in terms of leads or purchases and in terms of any particular action that you want to trigger.

Consumer Behaviour

Website: On your Website the consumer may or may not be in the mood of buying a your stuff they may be there just to enquire and research about your offerings.

Landing Page: On your Landing Page the only thing is your offering so your consumer is in buying mood and they’re willing to pay if they hit any of your point.


Website: It is widely used for branding and to inform consumers about their business.

Landing Page: It is widely used for certain marketing goals/actions.

Conclusion: Which one should you use for your business?

It depends according to the situation where website is a whole and sole of your business, on the other hand Landing Page is the essence of sales.

In simple words if you want to use for building brand or inform everything about your business then you need a website or if you wanna sell something or want to perform a certain action from your customer than you need a Landing Page.

If you want us to design a Website and Landing Page for your Business then you can connect with us!

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